Hosting the Perfect Thanksgiving

Host the Perfect Thanksgiving

When it is your turn to host Thanksgiving, it might be difficult to fit a family of 27 around your kitchen table for six. Don’t settle for standing room only when Excel Rental can make your holidays comfortable and easy. The holidays are stressful enough without worrying how to fit 14 kids in your dining room, squeezing extra chairs around the table, or asking Aunt Mable to sit in the kitchen. Let us worry about the setting so you can focus on those important family recipes.

Renting Round Tablecloths For Your Next Event

Whether you’re planning a birthday extravaganza, an impressive corporate event, or an elegant wedding, the right tablecloths can help you set the mood and theme for your big day. The colors, materials, and patterns you choose will enhance other decorative features while providing your tables with a more welcoming appeal for guests. If you’re putting in the effort to plan a major event, it’s worth doing it right! This is a small yet important detail that will make the difference in impressing your guests with a gorgeous venue.

Renting Round Tablecloths from Excel

Our experts hand select each round tablecloth we rent from our facility. We choose high

The Ultimate Guide to Linen Rentals for Your Big Day

Linen rentals set the stage for a beautiful, well put together event. Their presence shows guests that you’ve paid careful attention to detail in planning a truly memorable event. That being said, understanding where and how you can incorporate linen rentals isn’t necessarily common knowledge. There are many options available for chair coverings, tabling coverings, runners, and chair sashes. Fortunately, the team here at Excel Rental will help you understand your options and put together the perfect combo for your big day! However, if you’re still curious as to what your options are, we’ve provided the following breakdown to help you out. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Chair Covers

Chair covers drape over your chairs to complete your color scheme and theme. They are fitted to the chair for aesthetic and comfort purposes. We provide rental chair covers in polyester and satin.

10 Most Creative Uses for Photo Booth Images

The idea of a photo booth rental for your next big event sounds awesome as a means of entertainment for guests, but is it really worth the cost in the overall scheme of things? As a group of event and wedding specialists, we’re here to tell you that it does! You can look back on these images with a happy heart for years following your special day or night. Not sure of how you’ll store and display all these images? Check out our list of the 10 most creative uses for photo booth images.

1. Prom/Homecoming Day Collage

A collage may seem obvious, but you can get creative with this! Mix your professional and candid photos from the special night to create an awesome shape on your wall. Maybe a heart or the year/date of the dance you choose to commemorate. Get help creating the heart shape here.

2. Personalized Thank You Cards

Writing your thank you cards can get a bit boring. Make things interesting by entertaining yourself with goofy photos of your guests! You can either slip copies of their photos into the envelope, or use copies to create custom envelope liners like these.

3. Custom Picture Frame

What better way to frame your anniversary photos than with images of those who shared your special day of celebration with you? Use your guests’ photos to create a custom frame! Check out the step-by-step process for pasting the images on a flat surface here.

4. Bulletin Board of Memories

Bulletin boards are the perfect home for photo booth images! You can add the images you took during the event as well as images from the year as a whole. Bulletin boards that use ribbons and fabric instead of cork and tacks might be best to avoid ruining the images with holes.

5.Photo Wreath

There are so many ways to make a DIY wreath! One of the easier options is to frame the photos, then fasten the frames together. Once again, you can use other images from the event to avoid redundancy here. Click here for help!

6. Custom Monogram

Every pair of newlyweds loves to show off their new initials with a monogram in the living room. Even better? Customizing this monogram, of course! You can add your photos to your monogram in a collage of memories from your big day. Check out a step-by-step guide here.

7. Memories photo box

This idea is so fun! You can create a bottomless box to pull your photo booth images from. Simply glue the ends of each photo together and attach a small piece of ribbon to the top of the first image. Fold each image strip into its smaller, square pictures and place in the box. From here, the photos can be be pulled out of a decorated box. What better way to collect and display your favorite photos from an awesome night? Check out an image of this here.

8. Photo chain

Down the road, you’ll want some special items for your anniversary. Your future anniversary party attendees will love checking out a chain of their own pics from your wedding years ago. This can be made like a simple paper chain, and saved for later! Check out examples here.

9. Christmas tree bulbs

You’ll love keeping these memories around for holiday seasons to come when you save them as custom tree bulbs. Whether you’re saving photo booth pics of you and your friends at your senior dinner dance, or photos of your grand kids at your anniversary celebration, these bulbs will make your Christmas tree even more special. Check our instructions here.

10. Photo Book Pages

You can choose to dedicate whole pages of your wedding photo book to collages of these images, or add them to individual pages with other images as you create them. You can also use your photo booth images in a photo book to remember your high school dances and activities. Whether you choose to scrapbook or create a book digitally at a kiosk, this is possible with digital copies.

Starting Your Memory Making

Now that you know why a photo booth at your big event offers years of ongoing value, it’s time to schedule your rental! Check out quality, affordable options from Excel Rental! We offer a variety of packages that include options to fit your needs and budget. The best part? They all come with a flash drive for digital copies of the images, custom photo strip design, and double prints so your guests can take their photos home! Click here for more information on photo booth rental from Excel.

Selecting the Perfect Flowers for Your Spring Wedding

With spring just around the corner, many of you soon-to-be newlyweds are starting your search for the perfect finishing touches to accent a spring wedding. Although a beautiful spring day is probably at the top of the list of things you’re wishing for, we’re going to guess that beautiful floral arrangements to fit the season come in at a close number two. That’s why we’ve teamed up with one of Utah’s favorite local florists, The Painted Daisy Floral and Events to get the scoop on all things awesome when it comes to doing spring wedding florals right. Check out their list of tips below to get started!

1. Peonies and Dahlias Offer a Fresh Spring Look

Tina Chadwick at the Painted Daisy offered this tip for those of you looking to capture the season’s fresh feel in your wedding décor: “Most flowers are in season at that time but a lot of brides prefer peonies and dahlias for a fresh spring look. Roses are available year round and also gerbera daisies. Both are popular.”

2. Try to Avoid Ordering Around Major Holidays

Tina also noted that there are certain busy periods that should be avoided throughout the year. Some of these include Mothers’ Day and Valentine’s Day. Why? “The prices are usually double and the quality of the flowers may suffer because the florist will be very busy.”

3. Plan to Order According to Your Needs

Typically, ordering your flowers one to two weeks prior to your big day is fine in terms of getting the flowers and accessories you need, says Tina. However, if you have a special request, she adds that it is best to give your florist at least a month to get the flowers you need.

4. Order by Season

Although most flowers are available year-round, Tina notes that they will come at a higher price if out of season. “Some seasonal flowers like peonies and dahlias definitely have their season but can be ordered off season for a much higher price.” Fortunately, this is the perfect time of year to start ordering these spring favorites!

Ready to start your planning? Check out our rental options too! Click here to view our selection of tables, dance floors, chocolate fountains, and more!

Creating The Perfect Valentine's Wedding

The most romantic day of the year is upon us! With this, comes an opportune time to share your special day with friends and family. Why? Because like it or not, deep down everyone routes for a good love story this time of year! If you’re geared up and ready to start the rest of your life with your fiancé this February or next, you might have a few questions surrounding the best way to pull this big day off while bringing in a little bit of the holiday feel. The good news? We’ve got your answers!

We’ve teamed up with a wedding planning pro to help our customers perfect the finishing touches on their Valentine’s weddings! Michelle Leo from Michelle Leo Events has been kind enough to share her secrets to putting on a Valentine’s wedding to remember. We’ll let her take it from here with Q&A from our discussion!

How do you achieve a Valentine’s theme without going over the top? 

I think it’s important to not go overboard with any one particular theme. In fact, I don’t really love themed events as I find them to be somewhat cheesy (and usually poorly executed). I think the better approach is to identify what design elements can be pulled from a specific theme and incorporated into your event without overdoing it. For example, if you like hearts, incorporate them into the paper suite, the shape of a dessert or dinner menu, or something heart-shaped in guest favors. The point being, hearts don’t need to appear within every aspect of the event design. Less is usually more and by limiting where and how a specific design element is used, you’ll get more of that wow-factor impact you’re hoping for.

Which day would be best to set the date? Before or after Valentine’s Day?

I feel like parties designed to complement a certain holiday should be executed before the holiday occurs or on the actual holiday itself otherwise, they just lose their oomph. By the time a holiday comes and goes, everyone is sort of over it and moving on to the next holiday.

Which flowers would be best to complement/offset red roses?

Roses are a great flower. My personal favorite are garden roses. I’m drawn to florals with high petal counts so I much prefer a David Austen garden-style rose to a regular rose. That being said, when regular roses are paired with garden roses and spray roses, the arrangement can be stunning. I’m also a big fan of greenery so additions like dusty miller, wild jasmine, seeded eucalyptus and olive branch are very complimentary to roses. Other blooms that pair nicely are hydrangea, stock, ruffled tulips, anenome and astilbe

Is there a Utah venue that you would recommend for a Valentine’s Day reception? 

I make venue suggestions based on the size of the event. You never want a room to feel too large and empty, or uncomfortable and over-crowded so selecting a space to accommodate your final guest count is key. Selecting a venue is also important BEFORE designing your event as you want the design elements to work aesthetically with the environment you’re celebrating in. A space like the Pavilion at La Caille is both a good sized location and romantic in aesthetic with all the soft lighting, natural lush blooms and greenery inside (which is hard to find in February). Smaller and more neutral spaces such as Park City’s Washington School House and the Loft Studio in Lehi are ideal for more intimate parties where lots of seating and table space isn’t required. Large spaces like the Rotunda at the Utah State Capitol building and the Grand Salon of the Grand America provide beautiful settings for parties of a much larger scale.

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12 Steps to Planning the Perfect Holiday Office Party

Those who’ve yet to attend an office party typically assume they’re all similar to those held on the television comedy series “The Office”. We don’t know your employees or your workplace culture, but we’ll go ahead and assume that you all would like to celebrate another successful year with something a little more exciting than a questionable potluck under a fluorescent lit ceiling. That being said, we also understand that not everyone is a party planner. Especially not at this, the busiest time of the year. That’s why we’re offering up our 12 steps to making this year’s office get-together one that your employees will actually want to go to. Check it out then get your planning on!

1. Define Your Budget

It all begins with an effective budget. Setting your budget will tell you what you can and cannot do throughout the rest of your planning efforts. Speak with the higher ups to confirm a budget before you start coming up with fabulous ideas for holiday fun.

2. Set a System for Company Records

We know you’re going to knock it out of the park this year, so it’s important to create a formula to replicate this success next year. Collect all phone numbers and email addresses for your preferred vendors. Track what you bought, how much of it, and for how many people.

3. Take a Guest Tally

Send out an invite and require that your employees RSVP with any additional guests they plan to bring. Keep tally to adjust catering and venue setup accordingly.

4. Carefully Pick Your Venue

As mentioned above, your employees deserve more than a night under fluorescent lighting. Whether you choose to have your party in a home or at another venue, aim for a place outside of your office. Get creative with this one. Often times, the best venues are in places you wouldn’t expect. Ask around and get tips from others who’ve planned office parties in the past.

5. Determine Rental Options

Does the venue you’ve selected offer options for chairs, tables, table cloths, etc.? If not, you’ll want to plan to rent them. If the venue does provide the essentials, it’s still worth your time to look into extra rentals like chocolate fountains and photo booths!

6. Define the Theme

Is it casual? Formal? Will you be inviting children to attend? Set a theme for your event to streamline the planning process. This will help you relay info on what to wear, who to bring, and what to expect when your employees ask.

7. Find Awesome Food Options

Food can be tricky. It’s important that you provide options to accommodate varying tastes and diets. Get a feel for what the office would prefer, and try to order and/or prepare options to fit the general preference. Consider allergies and dietary restrictions as well. It will be impossible to please everyone, but enough options should be good enough for the majority of the office.

8. Plan Activities Without Over Planning

No one likes an over planned party. They’re awkward and boring. Rather than overwhelm your guests with a full list of “fun” and festive activities, plan a few things here and there, but keep it light and allow everyone to mingle.

9. Consider a Raffle

One activity your guests are sure to love is a raffle. No one will turn down the opportunity to win some free stuff! If it’s in the budget, offer fun prizes that fit your employee’s interests. Example? Tech company employees might enjoy tech products and accessories while a hair salon staff would better appreciate beauty products and related gift cards.

10. Arrange for Any Technical Elements

Should you decide to run a movie, slideshow, music, etc. remember to check the electronics you’ll be relying on beforehand. Run through the show a few times to make sure there aren’t any system glitches and/or missing cords you’ll need to remedy.

11. Rehearse any Speeches

Speeches can be tough. Some choose to wing it, but it’s probably best to at least prepare an outline beforehand. If you’re planning to have a speech or two at your event, ask that they come up with an outline prior to the event. This will help speakers avoid awkward pauses and rambling.

12. Get Approval Ahead of Time

Final approval is a must. All of this planning and prep work could go to waste the day of the event if you wait until the last minute to get approval and the approval isn’t granted. Check with your superiors in advance to make sure everything is good to go. This way, you’ll avoid wasting time and money on something your company isn’t willing to give the thumbs up to move forward with.